Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am so excited about this upcoming trip, that I've decided to take a break from all things card-and-journal making and blah-blah-blog about my upcoming trip! Although on one exciting card note, my ATC Cupcake swap is full, so i'm excited about that! This time I will make sure to highlight some memorable ATC's and post them on my blog page for everyone to see.

Anyway, back to my beloved, Charleston, SC. I just found out that my husband has yet-again impeccable timing and has chosen his vaca. week during the Annual Home & Garden festival, which means I will be able to stroll the Battery once again and actually be able to GO inside these gorgeous homes! Yeah me! It's like that show Cribs, only in REAL LIFE! ha ha ha

Anyway, I will TRY to update the blog more regularly now that the new website is up and running. With that in mind, I am just beat! It's been a long few weeks, so let the countdown begin!!! T-10..... Love to all y'all... :)Jess

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