Friday, September 5, 2008

Seein' the Forest for the Trees...and Flowers!

Hi everyone,

Wishing you all a Happy Friday! I am in such a great mood this morning...there is a crisp, clean feel to the air today and it has FINALLY stopped raining! I think we definitely got some residual fury from Gustav, despite how far north we rained for two days straight! It was almost eerie, actually. It poured, but remained consistent. Pretty odd, in my opinion.

Anyway, despite the coming Autumn, everything now looks refreshed, a little greener, and a little more vibrant outside. There's still time to smell the flowers!!! Speaking of which, I LOVE sunflowers. They have always fascinated me with their majestic size and beauty. I went to grab some this morning for my daughter's teacher and was reminded of this journal I created. I just LOVED the sunflower with the microbeads and it really makes the whole journal "pop!".

Crate paper was the backdrop for this particular book and the texture is really gorgeous. I love the thick, weathered look to it and the fact that it's reversible! VERY cool and versatile! I chose a bunch of fun ribbon off the spool at my local craft store and went to town on the binding after I put it all together using my Bind It All from Zutter. Still one of my favorite tools!!!

I chose this project today in particular not only because it reminded me of Fall, but also to remind me not to FORGET about Fall. We seem to go right from Back to School to Christmas each year, and Fall gets shorter and shorter as we rush and scramble to get everything done...I'm probably more guilty of this than most, actually.

So, on this gorgeous, crisp afternoon, I leave you with the pledge that I will savor the Cider, ponder the pumpkins, and love the leaves a bit more this year before that nasty white stuff begins falling from the sky... care to join me in my pledge? Leave a comment and let me know what you love best about Fall...I always love to hear from you!!!
" Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower. "
--Albert Camus


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