Thursday, October 23, 2008

My VERY first Blog Award! Woo hoo!

Hey everyone! This is a fun and exciting little tidbit to add onto today's post:

My new blogging friend Shirley of Card Art, Etc.(check out her awesome blog!) has given me an "I Love Your Blog" award! Isn't that sweet? I've seen these little awards circulating for a while now...there are a few different ones floating about cyber-space. Within this VAST sea of amazing talent, I have to say it felt really nice that she thought enough of me to give me this little token! THANK YOU, SHIRLEY!!!
Another really fun part of this award is that I get to pass it on to 6 more people! Here are the rules:

*Awarded blogs will pass the award onto 6 people of their choice, notify them on their blogs or by email, and link to the person who gave them the award, too :)

I have to agree with Shirley that it is VERY hard to choose only 6...there are dozens upon dozens that I visit everyday... however, here are just a few of my favorites; some stamping, some not (we all need a little variety, right?):

1.) Darla Wilson-Wilson Family's Excellent Adventures. Read about the excellent adventures of one of my bestest buds and check out her great photos!

2.) Christi Thorsen-Story About a Girl. Christi is an awesome stamper and has joined us as a Guest Prettie over at Paper Pretties. Love her work and she's SUCH a sweetheart!

3.) Lynn Reaney-Pens and Needles. My friend and fellow DT member at A Walk Down Memory Lane, and scrapper extraordinaire!

4.) Molly Joly- Check out the fun family follies and cute projects of my new friend who I met on the A Walk Down Memory Lane forum and now who I've drug into the mud w/ all my stamping addictions! LOL

5.) Jillian Winters-Ink, Stamp n Scrap. My SUPER talented, awesome friend and long-lost sistah!

6.) Charlene Austin-Willow and Paisley. Charlene is my first official "cyber friend" I can honestly say that I've made. She contacted me after I won the Mother's Day contest (you can read about it HERE) from PapertreyInk just to tell me how much my story meant to her. We became friends right away and have emailed each other, attended release parties, ATC swapped, etc. and she is VERY dear to me. She is doing DT work for Elzybells and is extremely talented. This one's for you, ya!

There are soooooooooo many more that I could have chosen...but these gals have a close spot in my little heart, for sure! Thank you again, Shirley and hugs to you all!!!


Christi said...

Thank you so much for the award sweetie!! I will try to put it on my blog tomorrow! :)

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

Off to check out those "new to me" sites! How sweet of Shirley! Have an awesoem day.

Charlene Austin said...

Oh you didn't!! Jess, I so love you!!! You are the bestest and you are going to make me cry!!! Thank you my friend!