Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pretties Wednesday: Sparsely Scored!

Hey everyone,

How are you guys doing this chilly Wednesday? Today's card proved to be one of the most challenging I've ever done...NO LAYERS. Jules issued this somewhat cruel challenge (LOL) to the Prettie Girls last Wednesday and I've been stressed over it ever since! I am NOT one to leave out layers on a card, that's for sure. The only one who may have found this more painful that I did would definitely have to be Jessie...her layering FAR surpasses mine as it's own genre of art!

Anyway, I used a piece of White Cardstock to start with and used my Scor Pal to emboss a frame of sorts on the card. Using my Look Who's Perky set from Paper Pretties (one of my favorites, the coffee lover that I am!), I glammed up the sugar bowl and coffee mug just a bit and added some Martha Stewart Satin Ribbon for just a pinch of flair. I had to...I couldn't stand the way this card looked!

I STILL don't know that I like it, but you guys can let me know what you think.

Now...have you guys HEARD of the Paper Pretties new BLOG???? Well head on over to the Paper Clip and see the cuteness for yourself! The blog is brand new and will be an awesome place to get all the news, see sneak peeks of the cutest, newest stamps, and find out about sales sooner than anyone else! Head on over today to see how AMAZING it is...I know I'll be visiting often!

Also, make sure you head on over to the other Prettie Girls' blogs today to see what they came up with for this No layers challenge! I'm headed there now! Links are on my sidebar --->>
Oh! I forgot to mention, too that today is my spotlight as the Silver Medalist over on the Pink Poison Blog! Check out my little 15 minutes if you feel like it and definitely stop by the Pink Poison website to see all the cute new stamps available...I got a little Happy mail over the weekend and am dying to dive in!

Last but not least, I wanted to thank you for your support and prayers for my little guy this week. I'm sorry that my last post seemed odd to some...I tried to cover all my bases, but since some of you don't know, my DH and one of my sons had an accident over the weekend and my brave little soldier suffered a broken leg and had to have surgery to repair it. It's been a long and exhausting few days and I've just been sick over watching him like this.

Today was a better day. His spirits were really up and with every smile on his face I was just so, extremely grateful. It will be a long road to recovery, but he's expected to make a full one. In addition, I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who have come bearing coloring books, games, and lots of fun stuff to help keep him occupied...offering help, and just visiting with him. It's really such a blessing. I don't know how parents of sick or handicapped kids do it...I really don't. I have a whole new respect, not that I didn't before, but even moreso now, knowing that not only is it a ton of work, but it's also devastating...just heartbreaking to see your child in a wheelchair. I have to remind myself when I'm having a sobfest over this that this is temporary and I need to be grateful for that.

Thanks for all your prayers and I will definitely keep you's therapeutic in a way knowing you guys are reading and thinking of us. Thank you so much to all the great friends I've met through blogging. I cherish you all!!! Big Hugs to you all,


Lynn said...

Glad he's doing better! Still sending prayers to your entire family! For a little smile, check out my blog for 2 of your favorites...butterflies and cupcakes! =)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Awww Jess, what a cutie he is, and what a trooper in the hospital bed with a big smile on his face!!

Love your card with the sparkly mug...I need a real mug with that much bling!! Think glitter comes off in the dishwasher?!

hugs, Jami

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

I just LOVE this, Jessica! It's gorgeous! And look at your little guy. . .oh my goodness! Many thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

Julie Masse said...

You did a great job Jessica!! I love the boxes you made for the images! Hope your son is feeling better soon - poor little guy! :)

Cindy Haffner said...

Poor littlke sweet guy, hope he is feeling better. Awesome card.

Jenn said...

Jessica your card is FABulous!!! I love the glitter and I really like how you made a frame with your scoring! :D Glad to hear that your little boy is doing better...poor thing!

Dawn Nikol said...

Glad everybody is doing well!

That is a rather cruel challenge, but you pulled it off!

Great job. =)

BTW, that Wonderland set at Pink Poison was part of the Pre-Order stuff with the Ians. =)

Christi said...

Your card is beautiful!!! Look at your brave little man. I am glad that everyone is in better spirits. {{{HUGS}}}

Allison said...

Good luck with your boy...that must have been one break!

Cute card...the embossed frames are smart!

StampOwl said...

you did a great job on this challenge ... love your card. Hope your son feels better soon.

Jackie Pedro said...

Hang in there, Jessica.....Nothing is worse than seeing your own child in pain! He is such a cutie!

I hear you on this being one of the most challenging cards!! I had the hardest time, but your card looks great!!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

OMG ROCKED This challenge!! WOW!! Your boys are just the CUTEST too!!!

Carolyn King said...

Prayers for your little one--how very scary but i am so glad to hear that he will make a full recovery.

Pretty card--love that sparkle!

Jessie/knightrone said...

So super cute girl!!

Oma said...

Your little guy is so cute! I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Laura (scrapnextras) said... glad to here he's doing better. I'm sure he'll be bragging about it soon. Have to go back and read about it. So sorry you had to go through that Jess.

BTW...your scored frames are fab!

Shirley said...

Okay, both of those boys are just sweethearts and still your heart away! He looks so sweet and brave. I hear your concern. I had no idea and I am guess your husband is okay? What a horrible thing to happpen. Thank goodness nothing worse did.

A very cute card! I love the images and the embossing too! Very clever!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Oh No! Jess, I didnt' know! I am so sorry this happened. What a sweetheart he is but holy schmoley that cast is big time isn't it??! I hope you are holding up ok! I am here for ya babe!