Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twinkling Tuesday: Anya Steps Out...

Hey everyone!

Happy Twinkling Tuesday! New to that term? Well let me tell you what it's all about! I have a lot to say though, today, so I hope you'll bear with me, but this post just got too fun to leave anything out :)

Every Tuesday, my DD (darling daughter) who is only 8 years old surprises and wows us all with a hand drawn sketch from her endless stack of doodly pads, and a talented team of 13 lovely ladies gets a peek at this sketch a few days early to come up with some stellar samples!

This week, DD even played along! I will get to her card, along with Christi's, our Featured Stamper of the week, in just a second.

I have a cute story first regarding Madelynn and this sketch. There was some debate as to whether or not this sketch was drawn on purpose to angle the sides or not. Now, being that sketches are JUST a jumping-off point and not really a concrete "must do", I wasn't worried about it...I mean, there's no need to justify a pretty card, right?
Admittedly, the sides are a bit more angled than she normally draws them. However, as not to stomp over the creativity of a brilliant eight year old girl, OR elude to the fact that she couldn't draw "straight", I didn't say anything LOL. I enjoyed the whole debate, actually and was curious as to how it would turn out! I just figured, she'd tell me if I was wrong LOL! Well, last night as we both sat crafting, I noticed that we both made "regular" cards, regular meaning no angles LOL. Figuring that she made hers exactly to her "plan", when she was finished, I simply asked her, "now, to me, your sketch looks a little different this week, honey"...and went on to explain why. So, do you know what her answer was? SO cute! She said to me "well, Mom, you know how when you take pictures of your cards, they angle out a little bit?" I said "yes...".... She said "I wanted to draw the sketch exactly like you take your pictures of your cards because they always come out so nice". ISN'T THAT THE CUTEST???

So yes, it was deliberate, but not for the reasons some of us may have thought! Who knew that an 8 year old would know all about art perspective? She really amazes me every day. Love that kid! At any rate, whether you make your card with straight edges, angled ones, or a little bit of both...make sure to PLAY ALONG with us this week! Also, don't forget to stop by the rest of the super talented TT's blogs...we even have some CANDY amongst us! Rebecca has a very creative card and some SUPER yummy BLOG CANDY today! Good luck!

Be sure to upload your creations to SCS or PCP using keyword MTTSC5. Leave a comment here, too so we know you played! Madelynn loves to visit and leave comments!

I chose the new Dress Me Anya from The Greeting Farm for my card. She is so vampy and fabulous in this card...totally reminds me of that one (four) book(s) with that girl and..what's his name? DH? Oh, no. right. Edward. hee hee. I am digging my Tombow glue pen that made it possible to follow the patterned paper exactly and add some Martha Stewart glitter onto her evening gown. Her Cinnamon stickled headband came out equally as FAB and I think that little vintage doo-hicky on her headband is making memories. I just love her. WHAT......a hottie....

I had to take two pics b/c I wanted to get the glitterfied dress to show up a bit better...anyway...onto the next FABULOUS thing!

Here is Madelynn's card. She loves this image from Pink Papery Studios, called Simply Bath. She chose the colors and did the whole thing herself. I LOVE the green eye shadow on the girl! She couldn't have been more THRILLED to get to dive into my supply of stickles and brads. She actually said to me "Mom, can you please let me know when I can go in your EMBELLISHMENT CASE?" DH was sitting at the table on the laptop and looks up at me and goes "Did she just say, EMBELLISHMENT case?" Ahhhhhh, the life and times of a stamper and her family... I just love it!

Our Featured Stamper this week is Christi. Christi and I are on the Paper Pretties DT together and have become great bloggin' buddies. She is super sweet, UBER talented, and just pretty much one of the nicest people I know.

Christi always takes the time to tell people how much she loves their work and is so encouraging and enthusiastic. So thoughtful. She is TOTALLY the person to leave Cupcakes or some happy mail in your mailbox...I know, as I've been the lucky recipient of some amazingly cute cards! So has my son! So, when I saw this mailbox card she created for today's post, it was perfect! Beautiful job Christi, and thanks so much for being such a great friend! You rock, sweetie!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed Twinkling Tuesday and don't forget about that BLOG CANDY! I'll be back tomorrow with a "triple whammy Wednesday:...for those of you who aren't familiar w/ that phrase I coined, it means I'll be back with three posts tomorrow...whew! Can't wait!

Jessica :)


Christi said...

OK, who paid you to say all that about me? LOL Thank you so much sweetie. You are so totally awesome too!! Yours and Madelynn's cards are fantastic!!!!!

Heather said...

Ooooo Oooooo Oooooo wonderful cards Jessica!!!

I think Madelynn did a wonderful job on her sketch card!!!! I would never have thought an 8 year old did that card!!! So coool!

I loved your story on how she came up with the sketch too. They have such a perspective that we never even think of!!!! My 6 year old who would love to do things like Madelynn does is very creative and the things she comes up with are just so not where my mind would go, but totally correct and inventive. Don't you wish you could get in their little minds some times?????

I am working on my Sketch Card right now!!!!

I love that Mail box too I have seen it used so many cool ways before!

I love your Anya Card. I finally got Anya's orderd late last night. My first order entails Rock Star, Princess, Nurse, Hello Ian, and the 2 Dress up plates so I will be playing along soon!!!


Danni said...

Oh my! where to start!! Your card is gorgeous! I love how "real" she looks. And so pretty!
And then Madelynn's card--wow!! She's got some real talent for not only drawing sketches but for making cards too! Wow--wonderful card!!
And I already told Christi I love her card too.....
What a great post with lots of eye candy!

Sandra MacLean said...

Fabulous Anya card Jess!! And Madelynn - that card is just GORGEOUS!!! :D I loved your story about the whole perspective thing....kids have an amazing eye for detail don't they? Just when you think they're not paying attention too! hahaha I had fun this week....can't wait for the next one Madelynn!

Cindy Haffner said...

Great story and the cards are fabulous.

Shirley said...

I think they are all wonderful! I love the one you did with that cute little girl and the vamp is very cute and so pretty too. That bath looks inviting! Christi's card is so great too! Three wonderful cards~!

Rebecca Ednie said...

Maddie, great story about how you drew your sketch. I thought it was great either way! Your card is fabulous, I have a bath everyday and I'd love to be able to get bubbles that colour. Dark colours are hard to find. Your colouring is fabulous. Jess, your card is so sweet. Can't wait til next week.

Ashley said...

I love the story! I can't wait until my son can talk and tell me why he does things. I'm working on the sketch right now! It's a great one Madelynn!

Janna said...

Jessica, all of these cards are just adorable! First, the Anya card is just amazing! I love how you gave her eyeshadow and the flower on her head band is perfect! In fact I want one.

Madelynn! I love, love, love your card! You did such a great job with your coloring and the embellishments!! I can't wait till next weeks sketch and I really hope you play along again!

Christi's card turned out amazing! I don't know what she was worried about! It is absolutely adorable!


Valerie said...

Oh your little girl is ADORABLE! I need me one of them lil ones around here haha! I just love her sketch for the week...I'll hopefully be working on my card for her sketch in the next couple days.

All of the cards made for this sketch so far are GREAT!

I'm just lovin this.... thanks!

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Aww!!! Love your card Jess, and M's too. How cool is it that she played along too?! I can't wait until I have little stampers working with me to make cards too, that must have been so much fun!!

Your embellishment case, ROCKS, no wonder she wanted to get in there!

Sorry I didn't have a card this week. Will get the mojo back soon I hope.

Kimmie0270 said...

I LOVE how you did Anya's hair!

Darla said...

You've got quite the little stamper heading up the Twinkling Tuesday team. You and DD did a great job on your cards. I'm impressed that she comes up with these sketches on her own. Keep it up!

Ashley said...

Here's my take on the sketch!

Cassie said...

what a captivating read today jess! love all the stories and insight you share!!

Those green bubbles on your card Madelynn are divine!! makes me want to take a bubble bath!! And jess, i love the headband embellishment on your anya! too fabulous!! in fact, i actually think it's FIERCE!!!! LOL!!

Heather said...

Hi Jessica I just got my Sketch for Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays done. Please Tell Madelynn I loved this one I think it was my favorite so far!!!!


Diane said...

Love the cards, Jessica. And your daughter...she is so talented! I better get practicing!! LOL

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Jessica...I love your Anya card and her beautifully colored hair and awesome eyeshadow!

Madelynn...I'm so glad you made a card - it is amazing!!! If I could take a bath in stickles, I might never get out!! And let me say that you did an amazing job drawing the sketch at an angle. So good that I really just thought your mom had taken a picture of the paper at an angle!!!

Christi - Gorgeous card sweetie! Love that ribbon and the warm colors!!

hugs, Jami

Cathy said...

I love your Anya!! How cute!! Your daughter sounds just like my 9 yr. old daughter. Aren't they amazing??

I made my sketch card and am going to try to upload to PCP but I'm a newbie and not sure how to do it. Here is a link to my blog so you and Madelynn can take a look!!


Thanks, Cathy

Valerie said...

FUN challenge! here is my card http://pixiedreamdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/01/pink-papery-weekly-challenge.html

sorry its a little late!