Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bit more critique than craft...

LOL I hate to admit it, but my review today for Craft Critique does come with a hefty dose of critique. What's more? Well, when you add the words pink, butterfly, and disappointment all into the same sentence and it just doesn't sound like me, now does it?

You can read more about it HERE.
I will be back later today with a card, so hope you stop by then!
Jessica :)


Janna said...

I really loved this article! It is so well written and insightful! I hate though that the trimmer doesn't work! NOOOOOO! I was so excited for you when you got it and I actually saw it the other day at Archivers and thought about getting one too! So glad I didn't. What a disappointment. Oh and BTW, I love your Ipod cover! So, so cute!!


Christi said...

Man girl! Total bummer. :( I was really hoping that cutter would pass with flying colors but I guess it doesn't make the cut. ROFL! I couldn't resist! :)

Heather said...

I am trying to find your article. It is my first time to that site, and I am not seeing any articles just lots of links to blogs. But you know I am blond to the brain, and it is late and maybe not thinking the clearest and my contacts are really blurry right now so maybe I am just totally stupid!!!


Heather said...

O.K. Duh Heather Scroll down some and you will find it!!!!


I am pretty happy with my Bright Green and Pink Provo Craft Trimmer. I have 6 of them to take to workshops and they are only like $6 a piece. I used the Fiskers for years but always felt it cut my paper at an angle because as I was cutting it did not hold the blade in one place the Provo Crafts seem to!!!

I recently got the SU Guilliotine Cutter for large workshops with mass bulk cutting and I really like it and got it free with one of my workshops.

Sorry to hear it was not worth the money Jess!!!