Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like...My UN-Valentine...

Hey everyone,

Well, as you may remember, I might have mentioned in the last few weeks that I'm really not into Valentine's Day.
I know, that sounds so utterly UN-romantic, but get to know me for about ten seconds and you'll find that I'm actually quite the opposite! I LOVE little gestures, little moments to treasure here and there...I just don't like it when Hallmark tells me I need to..hee hee.
To me, nothing says I love you like when DH does something for me for no reason...whether it's brushing the snow off my car before he leaves for work or bringing home a box of Copics just because he heard me talking about it to a friend on the phone...more recently, my Big Shot diecutting machine...I have to admit, he sometimes even brings home a tape runner refill just because he knows I'm going to forget to buy one...
Or when my kids come up to me, completely unprompted and say "you're my best fwend, Mommy", or come up to me for a quick but sweet hug, and oh, how I love when they fall asleep on me while watching a movie...THAT to me is something that no holiday, no card even, can capture.

Anyway, this was the last of my UN-valentine's cards this year, and I realized I hadnt' yet shown it to you guys! I just ADORE this little Lily and Milo image by Rachelle Anne Miller, don't you? I mean, could these blushing cutie pies BE any cuter? Don't think so, right?

If you haven't checked out the entirely AMAZING line of stamps designed by Rachelle Anne Miller, check out the Stampavie site and feast your eyes! There are so many adorable if only the stamping fairy would come here and wave her magic wand and give me more time to stamp! Oh, and just WAIT...rumor has it there is a RIDICULOUSLY cute Spring Line coming very, very soon!

Alright, well, thanks for coming by today and now it's time for a little game of "Finish the Sentence". I want to know what YOU guys find most romantic in your own lives.

"NOTHING SAYS I LOVE YOU LIKE...." Well, what are you waiting for? Finish this sentence! I can't wait to see what you say!

Jessica :)


Cindy Haffner said...

Oh how sweet is this, love your layout and all the details.

Jessie/knightrone said...

Super cute card Jess!!

Elena said...

Your husband is a wonderful man, Jessica!
And your card is so precious!

Janna said...

...offering to babysit because it has been a hectic day! i just love when Jason does that out of the blue. It always lets me know that he cares and is thinking of me!

Jess, you know how much I love this card! It is simply stunning! Your coloring is perfection and I love the layout and papers! Beautiful!!!

And I adore that you quoted your kids!!! You know how much I love that!! So sweet! Hope you guys start feeling better soon and Chris sounds amazing!


Christi said...

This is so sweet! I love that layout!

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

aww, what a good boy Chris is! adorable card, you know I love it! That is a darling image. How about a Top 5 for the fill in:

1. Taking the kids awaaaaaaaay at the end of the day without being asked to.
2. Saying "you should go and have fun with your friends".
3. Cash {with which to buy more stamping supplies, of course}.
4. Saying "you should go stamp."
5. The words "let's get take out tonight."

Danni said...

Such a sweet card! We're not big on Valentine's day either.
I like Jennifer's idea of the top 5 so here ya go~
Nothing says I love you like:
1. a hug for no reason
2. coming home with scrapbook paper because he knows I'll love it
3. trying to scrapbook and card make with me so we can spend time together
4. starbucks for no reason
5. It's on sale, get it! LOL!

jami {sgtStamper} said...

This is the most darling card - doesn't have to be a Valentine...just an I love you card!! :)

my answer... Backrubs!!

Rebecca Ednie said...

nothing says 'I love you' like:
Getting great comments on my blog
A kiss I didn't ask for from my kids
Clean sheets I didn't have to struggle to put on by myself
A bath without the kids (I take long hot baths to soothe my aches from lupus and FM usually while the kids play on the floor)
Uninterrupted stamping time!

My hubby doesn't buy me stuff bc he'd invariably either pick something I didn't like or something I already have but he tries to say yes as often as possible when I ask how much $ is leftover after bills. He even came shopping with me in a scrapbook store in a town we rarely visit after a funeral Thursday. He did make me an anniversary card with a wedding photo on it this past year. Too cute!

Heather said...


I love the layout on this card!!!! I love the colors and the way you used that image!!! So cute!!