Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twinkling Tuesday: Sweet Inspiration...

Hey everyone!

It's another Twinkling Tuesday here in blogland...and we have a sweet little twist for you today! The ever so talented Miss Madelynn (who just so happens to be my amazing DD) decided she would put her sketchbook down this week and give us another task this week...our very first INSPIRATION CHALLENGE!

She has been admiring this ADORABLE mug that I got for Christmas from my good friend Darla (check out her NEW blog!!! yay!) for SOME time now...and has recently learned (by seeing Mom do them, of course) what an inspiration challenge is. Hence, an idea was born :) So this week, the Twinkle Team got a fun new twist with this adorable little photo to inspire us! We hope you'll want to play along, too!

I decided that Pretty Hat Anya from The Greeting Farm had to come out and play...Now, I have to tell you...I'm a LITTLE uneasy about cutting off the torsos of these little characters...it made me kinda nuts. But, in order to frame her the way I wanted to, I went w/ it and hope it turned out ok...hee hee.

Now, the bow is obvious...for those of you who own this set or have seen it, there are several options to embellish her hat, and the bow, for obvious reasons, had to be there :) I colored over it w/ a clear Spica pen although I took this at night so you can't see it all that well. I went with the colors of cardstock that reminded me of this mug, a few shades of pink and just a hint or two of green. To finish it off, I had to have the swirly embossing folder because it reminded me of the swirly cupcake top. All in all, this was a much easier challenge for me than I had ORIGINALLY thought it would be...I think I just had one of those days where the mojo was, well, not missing...but hiding out for a while ;)

There are some really fun things going on for Twinkling Tuesday...check out the BLOG today! My awesome friend Jen is our featured stamper this week and she'll be hanging out there and on her own blog. Be sure to stop by the other Twinklette's blogs too, to see what they whipped up for this fun challenge.

Want to play, too? Leave us a comment on the TT blog and let us know you played! If you prefer to upload to SCS or PCP , just use keyword MTTSC11. Have fun with this one...it's a sweet deal!

In other news, LOTS of fun stuff going on at The Greeting Farm and Club Anya. Our Team Anya DT call is well under way, and tomorrow we will be announcing another contest...this one is for the kids! In addition, we just wrapped up TWO contests over the weekend, one from TGF and one on the Club Anya blog and the prizes were a-plenty! How fun! Stick with us as we have a LOT of exciting stuff coming up in the next few weeks... you won't want to miss out on ANY of it.

Marie had a sketch challenge this past week and I was happy that I could play along. I am really loving this Rock the Farm Anya set...I think she might be my favorite...only I can't say that because I have too many favorite Anyas LOL! She is just TOO much fun to color with all the detail though on this stamp-especially on her little scarf. I had a blast creating this card for her sketch challenge that you can see HERE. The contest ended, but the TGF Galleria is always exploding with awesome ideas and cards so be sure to check it out!

Til tomorrow, everyone...have a VERY Twinkling Tuesday!


Heather said...

Hey Jessica,

I love your TT Card mine is only half done I am hoping to finish it and get it posted before 10:45 am when Hubby comes home so I can go to the Dentist for the start of my Bridge work!!! My week is insanely busy even I have no flipping idea how in the world I am going to get it all done!!! It would take me 8 paragraphs to tell you all of it!!!!

I did not even have time to talk to Janna today and I know she thinks I dropped off the face of the earth!!!!

I love your take on the Inspiration and funny I used the same stamp set!!!

You did a great job!!!

I also have to find time to finish my last piece for the Anya Call and it is my best one so I have to use it!!!


Kimmie0270 said...

Your twinkling card is fab! I love that spot of ribbon.

Lovin the Anyas...

Elena said...

What a fun challenge! Love the inspiration! And your card is so pretty, Jessica!

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Love your inspiration card Jess! The swirls Cuttlebug reminds me of the swirly whip cream on top of the Sundae!! LOVE it!

Sandra MacLean said...

This is the perfect inspiration card Jess!! The colors and details match right down to the bow on Anya's hat!! Perfection! LOVE IT!!

Janna said...

AMAZING!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!! I adore your twinkle card with the pinks and greens and I love the idea of framing out her pretty face and threading through some ribbon! So, so casing that!!! And awesome card.

Your rock the farm card though is the coolest thing ever!!!! I adore the colors and the twine and flowers! How do you come up with such great ideas! And more importantly why are you sharing them with me so I can make cards like this!! LOL!


Christi said...

This is amzing girl!! I love it all!!!!

Cassie said...

wow! lots of eye candy in your post today!! love the anya card - both of them!!

Jodi said...

Both are very amazing cards! Love the pinks and greens on your pretty hat anya card!! =) I also love the way you color your images.
Jodi =)

Kim said...

WOW!! So talented! I love both cards. The pink one is my favorite. I love all the layers!!

Emily said...

Here is my first try....I don't know about linking...sorry http://emily-buzzyblogger.blogspot.com/

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

LOVE the Anya! The bow is, of course perfect. Your colors came together great as well. Rockstar!

I don't know WHY everyone is afraid to only allow a "partial" image on a card! I actually have had this discussion a couple of times. Sillies! heehee.

Lyneen said...

WOW so much to see!!!! LOVE THE MUG.... LOVE THE Card... the colors are great!

Darla said...

Yea...I'm glad to know that the mug I got you for Christmas (and it was calling your name when I walked by it) could be the source of inspiration for a card. Your DD is learning lots from you! Love the card.