Thursday, April 30, 2009

In a Mother's Eyes...

Hi all,

I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but I have something to share with you today.

I had QUITE the amusing experience today that I thought I’d share with you. This amusement, you must understand, came after a large bout of frustration in creating this card. You’ll see why in a second…or maybe you already do! LOL!

I have been itching and itching to ink up the “Newly Hatched” stamp by Rachelle Anne Miller for Stampavie. I absolutely adore this image and although you might think of Easter at first glance, it’s the PERFECT Spring image for MOTHER’S DAY, and can even be used for new baby cards, etc.

Anyway, a sketch challenge over on SCS caught my eye yesterday (SC226) and I decided I would finally break out this cutie pie and have some fun. Now, you all know, coloring images does take a while when you want to do it right. Im going to venture to say that with all the shading, etc. this only took me about 20 minutes, but still…

Where am I going with all of this, you ask? Well, it wasn’t until AFTER I uploaded my photo and began to edit that I realized the MASSIVE SMUDGE I left from still-wet Stickles on this card. I was fuming, LOL. I quick tried to rescue this card by trying to pull off the larger circle, and succeeded. However, it wasn’t until I tried pulling off the actual image that I realized, you know, the glue I use is super strong. It was either re-do this whole card, including the coloring, or trash it.

Something told me to think better of it, though. It made me think of my Mom, and one of the true meanings of Mother’s Day. Now, of course, I had to think long and hard about whether or not I’d show this card because I definitely dont’ want anyone to think I’m slipping LOL! However, you guys know me well enough to know that this type of thing normally (thank heavens!) doesn’t happen.

My parents just moved to Nashville, about 8 hours away from me, from my childhood home that is 15 minutes from me. It’s been a very emotional few weeks. I have seriously bought EVERY single Mother’s Day stamp, sentiment, etc. that I’ve seen the last few weeks because I’m already stock-piling them to create a ton of cards to send to my Mom. This is one of the Mother’s Day cards I had planned on giving her, but after the “incident”, I decided to send it sooner.

You see, this is a perfect example of a Mother’s love. No matter HOW much we think we screwed up, or did an imperfect job, I know my Mom will be BEAMING with pride when she receives this. She will set it on her dresser, mantle, or counter and tell everyone who walks past it “My daughter made this for me”.

It was then that I looked at my fridge and shrugged off my perfectionistic quirks and realized what life would possibly be like without all the scribbles, doodles, and smudges that I, too, am just BURSTING with pride in my children every time I look at them. I don't even know what that world is nor do I want to. So long story longer, ha ha…the decision was clear. I HAD to post this card simply because of all the above feelings it evoked in me and how proud am I of my children, and also how grateful I am that my Mom is always so proud of me.

Isn’t THIS what stamping is all about??? :) Enjoy my smudge. It’s a little less irritating now every time I look at it..

~Jessica :)

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L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

Awwww Jessica, I LOVE YOUR SMUDGED card, and I KNOW your mom will love it too. NOTHING in life will ever be PERFECT, and if it was, it would be boring, wouldn't it? I LOVED your long post and even longer story. What a great perspective to look at things. I'm so glad you posted this card, not only because even with that cute smudge it's gorgeous, but it also is encouraging to those of us who seem to get smudges a lot, and go back and fix them. LOL
Big Hugs for you Jessica! =)

Heather said...

I think it turned out perfect, smudge and all. I love all the layers and the embellishements are perfect! Great job!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh it's so adorable hardly notice the smudge. I'm always smuging and covering it up with a prima or something. Love your story, it's so true.

Hugs Cindy

MiamiKel said...

Oh this is the most sweeetest card to match perfectly with your story - motherhood really does make our hearts blossom! This is gorgeous, Jessica - really! We are so blessed :)

Scrapping Julie said...

so dang cute!!

Christi said...

What a sweet smudge story and SO true! Thank you so much for sharing and I think your card is amazing!!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh my gosh, what a GREAT smudge story...and you're right! I'm going to remember this story next time I smudge something (which happens more times than I care to admit, LOL!).

LOVE the colors in your card and that Stampavie image is totally cute!

ChristineCreations said...

Well I think it's absolutely adorable! And I love your words about moms and unconditional love that doesn't demand perfection...beautifully said!

Maria said...

Hey Jessica! I love your story. . .

Those Stickles can be a hazard if you're not careful. . I've smudged my Stickles so many times, it's not funny. I would have cut around the circle and remount it, layer a sentiment over it, or attach a clip and ribbon to hide it. I screw up so often, I know all the tricks in hiding or fixing mistakes!! LOL!!

It's not surprising your mom loved your card. . moms (like me) see the beauty of what our children gives us and not the imperfections. If I received a card like yours from my daughter, I would not have noticed the smudge.

Your card is beautiful by the way, with or without the smudge. .beautiful job with the coloring. Love that image too. . it's adorable!


Elena said...

I didn't even notice the smudge, Jessica! This card is very precious! Your mom will like it!

Heather said...

Hey Jess I did not realize that you smudged and even going back and looking I still did not really see it I thought it was part of the stamp!!!

This image is super cute and I would love to recieve it any day!!!

Your mom is very lucky to have you and your talent gracing her dresser!!!

Awesome image and Awesome job Jess!!!


Jessie/knightrone said...

This is so super cute Jess!! I am like 10 posts behind on your blog, so just know that I love you, I love your work, and I promise to do better!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

I LOVE YOUR SMUDGE! I had to look hard to find it though. :O) Gorgeous card & what an amazing post (you made me cry, you sweet thang you) I feel for you; my mom is in Ontario & I'm in BC. You'll miss her like crazy, but she'll be happily stock piling your gorgeous creations. Hope you get lots of holiday visits in & thank goodness for email, texting, & long distance phone plans! Hey, you could even do video phone! (do they call it that?) Oh I am so OLD, LOL ;O) Sending you a hug, :O) mel

Deb Neerman said...

I love your smudged card ... and I had to r-e-a-l-l-y look for it to even find it.

But I loved your story ... and you're right, it is soooooo true! I still have all the drawings my kids made for me and it's been years, trust me, lolo, and I love each and every scribble, spill, and smudge.