Thursday, August 20, 2009


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I would LIKE to think of myself as computer literate but I JUST cannot figure this out.

I use Mozilla as my browser, and lately, I can't see pics on blogger, and when people send me tif files via email, it's hit or miss. Sometimes I can see them, sometime I cannot.

My primary concern though, is Blogger. I'd say probably half of the blogs I visit (and let me tell you, that's a lot!) I can see the text but no pics, but I KNOW the pics are there b/c other people comment on them.

Even on my own blog a few of my DT banners and such aren't showing up. Can YOU see all of them? I'd love to know! Thank you!

ADVICE? Please? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome...I'm desperate to figure this out and just might have a "nutty" if I don't (be quiet, Prettie Girls...I hear you giggling...)

Jess ;)


L.Nielsen (Lynda) said...

oh wow Jess, I can see them and I'm using Mozilla... actually I switched to Mozilla a couple of months ago when blogs were giving me errors left and right... I wish I had some advise to give, maybe try to update your Mozilla version???? I'm curious to find out why yours is doing that... you never know when I might need the answer! LOL

Oh but I really stopped by to say that I have something for you on my Blog. I really hope you get the problem figured out! Wish I had an answer for you. =(

Big Hugs
Lynda =)

Elena said...

I don't have any problems with seeing your text and pictures. But about a month ago I couldn't open any of the blogs, it will say me that erroe occured...
I use Internet Explore 8, so far after that month I can see everything fine.
Maybe Lynda is right and you need to make some updates?
Sorry I am not a very good adviser in computer questions. I think my son knows more than me in this area! ;)
Hope you will figure out this problem!

Pam Speidel said...

Hi Jess! I'm not familiar with Mozilla so can't help you there, but can tell you that I've never noticed any problems viewing your blog. I *think* I'm seeing all the photos. :)

Crayola58 said...

Hi Jessica...I can see your pictures fine.... but I know what you mean because I've had this very thing happen. And last week blogger was giving me "so sorry" pages and I could not access anything...the page said they detected someone sending messages against the rules. I went to Google and I found so many with the same problem. Guess they were under attack and they shut us all down. I hope you are able to cure your problem. I use Mozilla and Firefox for browsers.
Carole DCRU DT

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh no I wish I could help. I had the same trouble as Carole a month ago, I couldn't even get into my own blog, then after about 6 hours it fixed itself.

--I use Firefox and really like it. I had Explore and had nothing but troubles.

Hug Cindy xxoo

Lauri said...

oh it looks fine!!! I use Mozilla all the time now, no more IE for me!!! Looks great!

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

I was going to say some of the same thing that some of the others said. I've been using Firefox for a while now. The only thing I can think of is make sure that you have the latest updates. See if that helps.

Mary J said...

No advice to give as I'm practically IT illiterate! But everything looks dandy on your site to me. Hope you sort it soon!

~*Joni said...

Hey Jess - so glad it's not just me! I use Mozilla too on my craft room 'puter, and it will show on my dashboard that I am not subscribed to any blogs. :( I just started using it a couple of months ago so I know it is the latest version. There are some images that won't show so I just comment and pretend that I see their card and love it. LOL! JK!

Whimsey said...

I so hear you; I had to read all your comments looking for answers!

I recently updated to a new version of Firefox (I've been using it for several years) and now several things are funky! :( URGH - so frustrating!

If you 'figure it out' or get a tip from someone, let me know. Thanks so much!

Louise Z said...

Hello! Don't know if this will help but check whether at the bottom of the browser window, you have a sign looking something like a blue 'S' and a red circle underneath that. This is for the scripts that the browser is allowing to be seen - it is an addon for Mozzilla called NoScript. click on it and tick 'temporarily allow all this page' and see if it helps. you might need to refresh the page after that. If not, then I don't know :P
Hugs, Louise

Stephanie Hargis said...

Hmmm...I have never had an issue with Firefox. Have you updated it lately? That might be a factor. I have tried all of the different browsers and Firefox is the only one that has not given me issues. My suggestion would be to try updating it and then see if you have problems. I hope it gets fixed! Actually, it could be a blogger problem. Do a troubleshoot email with them and they might be able to tell you what is wrong!

1CardCreator said...

I agree updates will probably help, I get little glitches from time to time and pressing re-load does nothing, but when I give up and use my back button (previous) the page straightens out and loads, go figure.
~Diane (DCRU DT) <(*<*)>