Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ohhhhh DADDY!...

HELLO and HAPPY DADDY's day to all you Dad's out there!
I LOVE Father's Day.   I have the most wonderful Father and it's always nice to take the day to honor that even though we should, and I try to, honor it all year long.  Add to that, I have a WONDERFUL DH who is such a great Dad to our four kiddos.  He makes them laugh like no other, busts his butt to provide them w/ as much as we possibly can, allows me to stay home and raise them, and is very involved.  The BEST gift that Dads can give our kids is TIME, I truly believe that.  So, HAPPY DAD's DAY to all the Dad's out there!

On that same note though, we don't want to leave out those who aren't Dads, so this one's for the DUDES as well!   Introducing...

Sponsored by:  The Diedrich Men and TGF :)

HERE ARE THE CONTEST DEETS, as posted on the TGF AND CA&F Blog...look at my boys GO! LOL!

Sample #1

Sample #2

Sample #3


CASE (which means Copy and Share everything) ONE of the above cards to the very best of your ability.  Now, I realize there is bling central here (I almost broke out in hives during this process) you do NOT have to copy all that. 

USE YOUR CREATIVE LIBERTY here, people!  Just as long as we can SORT OF see the layout, at least...haha.

There are TWO categories to this contest:

13 and UNDER
Upload to TGF Galleria>Contests and Challenges>Dads and Dudes>13UNDER
PRIZE: TWO TGF Singles of Choice! 
One for him, one for you perhaps?

13 and OVER
Upload to TGF Galleria>Contests and Challenges>Dads and Dudes> 13OVER
PRIZE: TWO TGF Singles of Choice!
One for him ...or maybe two for you? heehee

Please be very careful to upload your card to the right category AND please include WHICH SAMPLE # you CASED' please!  Id really love to show my guys!!  Thanks!

You have until FRIDAY, JUNE 25th at 8pm CST to submit your entries to qualify for the prizes.  WINNERS will be announced on Saturday, June 26th!

A SPECIAL SPECIAL thank you to the men in my life who were SO willing to take on the sample making...and had a blast in the process!  Here are some pics from the big event in the Diedrich abode...

Love this...creating the layout...

This 'hmm" pensive look cracked me UP!

Nick is really diggin' on the concentration of his Daddio!

Look at those two little monkeys LOVING every minute of Dad's big moment :)

Last but not least, the finished product.  I LOVE these boys more than I can did my heart SOOO much happy...hope it did yours a little, too ;)  

Last but NOT least, here was our morning. heart RUNNETH.  OVER.

Jess ;)


Danni said...

:-) Your "men" did good!! Fun cards and a fun challenge!! Love the photos!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

This is just the cutest thing ever, Jess! What a beautiful family you have!


donna mikasa said...

What a fun post, Jessica! Your dudes did good!
Happy Father's Day to your artist!

Kristy Young said...

Oooh This is sooo gorgeous!!! fabulous Pics Jess, I showed my hubby and said you should enter...he kinda looked at me like I was crazy LOL. But I will defiantly get My lil man Macauly to play he loves crafting, and I am missing it sooo much lately it will be fun to watch him.
Such a fun contest.
Kristy xx

Cindy Haffner said...

OMG so SWEET, such a HAPPY looking family!!

Deconstructing Jen said...

Ah this is awesome! I wonder if I can convince my Chris to do this.... maybe a little peer pressure is in order. ;) He'd be awesome at it though he has embellishment phobia, lol. HMM... AWESOME idea!!

Amber said...

What a bunch of sweet men you have, their cards are awesome!!

Elena said...

Thank you so much for sharing pictures, Jessica! So glad that you had a wonderful time at Father's Day!

Zoe xx said...

Gorgeous cards Jess, you must be soooo proud!! My lil man has just seen them and he is off gathering my stash as i type this waiting to make his entry!!

I won FFF last week with my Grace card, i did email you but i haven't heard back. I just wanted to check that you got my details alright sweetie because i know that there is a deadline for collecting prizes!!

Take care chicky,

ZOe x x

Kim said...

You have an amazing family, and a super guy! Not many (probably none) would actually make a card like he did, I am so impressed!

1CardCreator said...

I love this Jessica, the pics and story sure made my day. You are blessed with a lovely family who look like they really enjoy each other. Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

Tasha said...

How cool are your family getting in on your hobby, thats awesome! The cards are awesome i love the colours and the images they used!
love tasha x

Jessie/knightrone said...

How precious!! You should be so proud!!