Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some germ-filled ramblings and a UNITY winner...

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry this is getting posted so late.  I'm a bit under the weather and a bunch feeling sorry for myself today, LOL!  Well, not really, but I am not feeling well :(   Have had a cough for the past almost 3 weeks and it's just not going away, so ended up having to have a breathing treatment at the hospital last night and they almost kept me over night but I fought my way out of that one ;)  SUPER bummed that today I was supposed to leave for Kansas City to go see my girl Jen and go to the Tim McGraw and Lady A concert tomorrow.   It will be LONG AFTER I am over the bronchitis/fever that I am over THAT one!

The best part of today was that I woke up feeling like I was burning up BAD, so I took my temp-not too bad 99.4...then I realized our AC was out.   It got up to 88 degrees inside the house before I realized it was broken and could have someone fix it's cold showers and now we're just waiting for it to climb back down to 'tolerable' in here.

BUT, you know what?  There are WAY. WORSE. THINGS.   So enough-and thanks for listening to my sob story LOL if you've gotten this far!  I always know I can count on you peeps for listening ;)  I just felt like being online and the medicine I'm on is making me a little jumpy so I figured I should come say hi to you all....I'm sure you're all so glad I did...NOT.  hahaha ;)

SO w that out of the way....CONGRATS to PURPLE PRINCESS!

You are the RANDOM WINNER of the LITTLE BUGS stamp set from UNITY!    You can post your winning info on the Hip Hop Prize claim thread in our SCS forum and Eryn will get that right out to you!

Thanks and be sure to visit my HARD WORKING DT girls of Oh, Alice. Half of us are falling apart this week..the other half are SPARKLY FAB!    And a SUPER DUPER special thanks to Jen, again, for organizing the rest of the blog post for me while I was tied up (or should I say tied down, LOL) last night.  Luv you are such a dear!!!WE WILL get together. SOON!


StampinCathy said...

Sorry you are under the weather. WOW! No air and having to pass the concert. :( Sometimes life just isn't fair, but it seems to make up for it later. Have a fabulous and creative weekend.

Danni said...

Hope you feel better soon!! So very sorry you had to miss seeing Jen and the concert.
Hugest hugs!

Kelly Booth said...

Awe...Feel Better Soon Jess!! It sounds like you need tons of rest!! I woke up sick today and hate being sick!!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh girl, look after yourself so sorry you don't feel well!!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Major bummer, Jess! And being so sick when it's hot is even worse. I'm sorry for you, GF. I hope you feel better soon... and that some other little treat comes along to cheer you!


Dee in N.H. said...

Sigh...What is worse? missing the concert, no ac or being sick? Jeeesh!
Hope you are feeling better soon!