Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey guys!

There is SO much going on at UNITY today I will get right to the news...SALE.  SALE. SALE.

Here's just a LITTLE bit of what's goin' on!

CO-BRANDING.  What's up w/ this, you might ask?   

Well, we are ROCKIN' it, UNITY STYLE, with some AMAZING companies!

You've heard of our lines with Cosmo Cricket...Donna Downey, and the latest, ECHO PARK?!   Well you can grab all that and MORE when you check out what the sale includes:

Melody Ross on the website FOR SALE 

Websters Pages STAMPS coming tomorrow!

Samantha Walker HOLIDAY Line on sale NOW
$25 for BOTH of these Holiday stamps???
ummm...did I say "crazy"?  Cause that is a brand new Jillibean kit!

Does that say WHIMSICAL?  YES.  Yes it does.... I didn't even know we HAD that set...SHAME on you, Jessica!  But you know what?

UNITY's got a BRAND NEW WEBSITE and there are TONS of stamp sets on there that you should be checking out!

Ohhhh, and there's this one more little ITTY BITTY THING?

FREE ITTY BITTY (unity's choice-Christmas themed!) w/ ANY $25 purchase.

Oh, and YOUR NAME, thrown in a jar to win a FREE PINK BIND-IT-ALL package!  I'm KIND of wishing I was a customer, today, LOL!!!!

Can I get a
"WHO DOES THAT???!!!!"

UNITY does.

and WHO gives away BLOG CANDY on a day that ALL of this is announced?


SO head over and see, now :)

See you tomorrow for Hip-HOP and surprises!


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