Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paying it Forward in 2011-UPDATE :)

Hi everyone,

My UNITY post is below for Hip Hop Thursday in case you're a little late in the game-some SUPER fun Itty Bitty posts out there today!

Boy am I glad I decided to choose a random entry from all of the BEAUTIFUL emails and comments I received regarding my "Pay it Forward" Blog Giveaway.  I have been literally-I kid you not-moved to tears, multiple times this week reading some pretty touching stories and not only that, I think the world of ALL who have nominated friends and loved ones for caring about them so, very much.

That's what it's all about right?  I am DEFINITELY going to be doing this again.  It makes my heart HAPPY.  Oh, so HAPPY, GRATEFUL...BLESSED.

Without further adieu, if Bernadette P. could email me, the person you nominated was the random winner and I will need your friend's information.

Thank you to ALL and God bless!  Love y'all! xoxo



StampinCathy said...

It's so nice to be able to bless a crafter. You are one special person with a HUGE HEART! Congrats to the winner!

Lynda Nielsen said...

awwww, a huge congratulations to Bernadette, I'm so happy for the person you nominated! It's so nice to see the love and kindness shared this way, and Jessica... BLESS YOU for your thoughtfulness!
Big BIG Hugs,

Tash Daly said...

Congratulations Bernadette!! I am sure the person you nominated will be so thrilled as anyone would be. It is such a thoughtful and caring idea Jess, you really need to be commended on being so generous. There are so many out there that could use a little pick-me up especially from a stranger it means even more. I will have to look at doing something like this in the future. I wish love and blessings to everyone. :-)