Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paying it Forward in 2011...

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for coming by yesterday and for your patience w/ me as I have yet to make it to my bloggin' friends blogs this week-the puppy is definitely like having a baby in the house again, LOL!

I am coming up on my 3 year "blog-a-versary" and I was actually messing with some of my settings in Blogger yesterday when I noticed, OMG-I have 505 followers.  This overwhelmed me.  I have never had a blog candy or giveaway where you have to become a follower of my blog.  I've never solicited that because well, although I definitely don't mind the promotional idea, I just want people to be here because they WANT to be here, you know?  That being the case, I am VERY grateful for all of you and really thank each and every one of you for the attention and support you guys give!

There are a few goals I have for 2011 related to crafting.  I have many related to other aspects of my life, but we'll start with crafting.

* I want to be a better card RAK'er.   I have already sent out a few and want to continue my streak.  I know how I feel when I get mail...I want my friends to feel that way too :)

* I want to complete PROJECT LIFE. (becky  I was VERY upset to see that it's sold out, but I will start snapping pics and hope to snag a kit when it's available again at the end of this month (fingers crossed!)

* I want to PAY IT FORWARD when I can.

This one I will begin today as I have a giveaway for someone on my blog today.   This is a little different than your average "Blog Candy".    I have a stack of paper packs, a few stamps, and some embellishments that I didn't finish using, including a new Ippity set, some brand new unopened Primas, and a few rolls of washi tape.  There are also lots of miscellaneous odds and ends including brads, flowers, stickers, etc.   Yes, the paper packs are mostly used, BUT, there is a TON left-some appear like new!  In fact, most of the paper packs are at LEAST 3/4 to 1/2 untouched.

Here's the giveaway:

Here's the catch:

I would like this stash to go to someone who needs a 'boost' this winter.  Whether it's a financial or emotional rut they might be in, I would like you to NOMINATE a person to receive this RAK from me and you can do that either by leaving a comment OR if you don't feel comfortable leaving a public comment, you can EMAIL ME at yeahshestamps at gmail dot com.   Please put "PAYING IT FORWARD" as your subject line so I can create a folder for all the entries and draw a random winner on Thursday, January 13th.  13 is my LUCKY NUMBER-so that's the day I chose ;)

As blessed as I have been in this industry and in life as a whole, I am VERY lucky to have the things that I do and would love to share some of it with someone less fortunate than I-than us.   My friend Jimmi did this and I was very touched by it and couldn't wait to get a package together myself.

I know that the holidays can be hard on people at times, and with a new year and new opportunity for all of us, what better time to PAY it FORWARD?

I hope to see your emails soon nominating the person you think could use it most.   Again, I will draw a random winner on Thursday, January 13th after midnight and announce it that day here on my blog!

Love, hugs, and LOTS of AWESOME to come in 2011~xoxo,



~*Joni said...

Oh look at you! What a SWEET idea! :) I will put my thinking cap on and come up with a name or two of some friends who could use a pick-me-up. Thanks so much for your continued inspiration! Squeeze that puppy for me! :)

Tash Daly said...

Hi there Jess, this is so lovely and so generous. I have just the person in mind! She is a mum of 5 who has only returned to the work force 2 years ago after many years of child rearing at home. She had really been enjoying working outside the home, gaining some independence and being able to make a larger financial contribution to the home. Recently she lost her job due to cutbacks. Her confidence has taken a blow and her family has been having a hard time financially also. Over the years whilst at home she has always contributed to the household finances through craft and selling her creations to make extra money anyway she can. Recently that has not been going so well lately either, she has had a couple of overseas purchasers through her Etsy site buy her creations but later not pay. Her current craft besides card making is reborning dolls. For the past few months her countless hours of her time have also been utilized in reborning dolls from donated kits she has received in order to present them to sick children at our Children's Hospital in Sydney for Christmas. She was really looking forward to seeing their smiling faces when they received their dolls but unfortunately after numerous attempts to meet with the co-ordinator at the hospital prior to Christmas, the delivery did not eventuate due to the lady twice standing her up by having gone home early instead of meeting her. She had to drive over 1 hour to deliver them only to then drive home without having accomplished her mission. Presently she is still waiting for the lady to return from the Christmas break to deliver the dolls. Further her husbands work announced prior to Christmas that due to cutbacks they would not issue Christmas bonuses. This is usually $10,000 and with a family of 7 they rely on it very heavily. She is just very down at present. You can find her at Thanks again Jess for the opportunity to show her that there are people who care deeply about others enough to do something about it. Best Wishes and God Bless :-) P.S. Sorry for the long post :-S

Lisa said...

Jess, this is fabulous!!!!! :)

Tasha said...

Hi there Jess, this is a wonderful idea. I know of someone bu ill email you as i am unsre they will want me to broadcast their business. You are super sweet Jess
love tasha xx

Basement Stamper said...

Great minds think alike, I was going to be doing something similar to this this weekend after I got done purging. Love what you are doing I would have to nominate my friend who I was on the OAC DT with (SH). I think she would love to receive some goodies from you and it would cheer her up!

karen In Houston said...

This is a fantastic idea and I would like to nominate my daughter. She is facing two major surgeries and just lost her job due to being off work so much, she will have to go on Cobra very expensive to be able to continue on with her surgeries. She has been scrapbooking for a couple of years and is very good in fact has sold some scrapbooks, so you know she does good work. On a side not she may be losing most of her colon in the first surgery.....
If you would like more info I will email you. My email is

StampinCathy said...

You are just the sweet person to do this for somebody that could use a pick me up. Right off the top of my head I can't think of anyone! I'm so bless to know so many caring people. Happy Blogoversary to YOU! One day I might grow up and have one too! LOL

Lillian Child said...

I would love to nominate my best friend and sister, Gloria, who is a breast cancer survivor AND our family rock! She went through radiation thereapy without ONE complaint and is such an inspiration to us all. AND when my parents were having major health issues over the holidays, she was the one to organize the rest of us so that we could take turns in taking care of their needs, doc appts, meds, food, etc. Her husband is also having heart surgery later this month ... so I think a little 'pick me up' is definitely in order, as she ADORES papercrafting as much as I do.

Carisa said...

omgosh, jess, i'm sincerely moved by this!!!

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

This is such a sweet idea Jess! wish I had of done this with my candy!
You are so sweet and this is so a Beautiful Jess thing.
Kristy xo

FibreJunky said...

What a wonderful thing to do, Jess. Sending you an email.

Lynda Nielsen said...

Ohhhhhhhh Jess, you are such a sweetheart. Truly a sweet sweet woman, both inside and out! I LOVE your idea for your blog candy.
Hmmmm, I have someone in mind that this would certainly put a smile on her face. My friend _______ maybe I shouldn't mention her name here... but she has been struggling this year after having an unexpected pregnancy and financial issues on top of it, she LOVES crafting, but she just can't justify buying things for herself right now. I would LOVE to see her do more crafting, since she loves it so much, something like this would send her right up there on cloud nine!
Great Big Hugs my Sweet Jessica!

Sammi said...

This is such a sweet idea Jess!! Go Girl!! :D xxx