Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Butterfly's Stuck like GLUE...

...ok so I seriously have had Sugarland stuck in my head ALL day...but when you see THIS, I'm sure you'll understand why!   YES!  Did you SEE that list?   Ack!!  This secret has been killin' me but today we can SHOUT it from the rooftops....

I am pleased as punch to announce that I have been asked to serve on the HELMAR USA 2011 Design Team!  I'll give ya a little history here, but seriously?  All you need to know is that if you're new to Helmar, you will be NO stranger to them as soon as you try any of their AWESOME line of adhesives!  I was first introduced to Helmar during a Blog swap with Unity, one of their preferred partners back in the Fall and I tell you, I haven't wanted to use ANY other kind of adhesive since!   Their products range from clear, fast-drying glue to crackle mediums to foam dimensionals, gemstone glue, decoupage, and everything in -between!  In fact, you can click HERE for a quick guide to what products work best!

I had to make a little celebratory project, so I punched out some butterflies and used the small square ZAP DOTS (foam dimensionals) to give them a 3D effect!  I must say that although my half-back pearls were self-adhesive, the one on the bottom kept falling off so I used Gemstone Glue to keep it where it needed to stay put!
(close up of card using Zap Dots-see the awesome dimension?)

Last but not least?  The metal/wire butterfly?  Well, it's not in the best shape, but I held onto it when I received it in a potted plant a long time ago.  It was too pretty to throw out despite a missing bead and I knew I'd be able to use it one day so I cleaned it up, put it in my stash and used Liquid Scrap Dots to adhere it RIGHT to the lid of this little test-tube container full of gumballs.  I need a little celebratory treat to announce this special day!  Not ONLY do Liquid Scrap Dots dry in 3D (you can use them like foam dimensionals and get as much 'lift' as you want out of them! YOU control how 3D they are!), but they're also FABULOUS for gluing metal to metal!

You can see from the side view above that it isn't going anywhere!  I love this stuff!  The last thing you want is when you work so hard on something and it falls apart...that will NOT happen w/ Helmar!

So THAT is my fun little news today!  You'll be seeing a LOT more of my work with Helmar soon and trust me, you'll be "stuck" on them in no time too!  Here are the rest of my teammates:

  • Tracy Weinzapfel (DesignTeam Coordinator)

  • Erika Taylor

  • Leanne Garner

  • Jen Erickson

  • Carisa Zglobicki

  • Sarah Mullanix

  • Julie Walton

  • Carrie Ferrier

  • Carole Stirrat

  • Jessica Morales

  • L. Grace Lauer

  • Cherry Nelson

  • Connie Mercer

  • Jessica Diedrich-holy crow that's ME!

  • Jimmi Mayo

  • Lydell Quinn

  • Alicia Barry

  • Michelle Wallace

  • Beck Beattie

  • Julianna-Jelumen

  • Jenny Burns

  • Mandy Collins

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    Kim said...

    Awesome news, congrats Jess! Haven't heard of the company but if they picked you they must be good. Love your butterfly projects but I have to say that I adored your sparkly, coordinating, nail in the pic!

    NoraAnne said...

    Congratulations :) I can't wait to see what else you create!!!

    Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

    Awesome! I'll be watching. :~)

    margie c said...

    Yay, congrats to you :)
    What a sweet fluttery project! Loving your nails too ;)
    Happy Day!
    hugs, margie

    Carisa said...

    omgosh, Jess, this is TOO cute! Congrats and I'm so excited to be on this team with you :D

    MrsETaylor said...

    So excited to be working with you on the Helmar team. Love your work and can't wait to see your creations.

    Congratulations again


    Cindy Haffner said...

    FABULOUS my Friend!!~

    Molly Joly said...

    Congratulations! I am SO happy for you!

    Leanne said...

    How cool!!! Girl you are one busy chickie!! hahaha.. Congrats. I'm so intrigued now about the products. If you're using it, must be gr8. Thanks for sharing you're awesome projects. Will definitely check out the site. :)

    ♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

    This is soo gorgeous! Love the nail polish too so sparkly :D
    Kristy xo

    1CardCreator said...


    Savannah O'Gwynn said...

    CONGRATS!!! I love Helmar!! That card----ADORABLE! LOVE the white space and the soft yellow colors! I love that butterfly too! BEAUTIFUL!! HOOOOORAY!

    Monika Wright said...

    awesome news, i'm so happy for you!

    Tasha said...

    Congrats Jess that fab news.
    Love the butterfly card it so pretty
    love tasha xx

    Jessie/knightrone said...

    CONGRATS!! Super cute stuff, and I LOVE YOUR NAILS!!LOL!!