Saturday, July 2, 2011

my "FAB FOUR"...

Hey everyone!

I have the honor of wrapping up our Nikki Sivils/HELMAR Blog Swap week with a FUN mini-album I've created.   Now, I must tell you, I have a little confession to make.   I have been out 'playing' this week and haven't crafted much...and well, when Friday night rolled around, after a birthday party I took my little one to, I was just too hot and tired to do anything.  So, I got up early this morning, and I created a mini album in about 2 hours.   WHAT???  WHY am I admitting this to the general public?????  It's not as if you'd KNOW, right?    Well, I'm doing it because it's THAT easy with this adorable Nikki Sivilspaper and Helmar products!!!   Yep...2 hours folks, and you have a keepsake for LIFE.

Helmar Acid Free Glue and the Helmar Quick-Fix Permanent Adhesive Runner were the stars of this show.  Seriously, with all the cards I make I am a TAPE runner "snob" and let me tell ya, Helmar makes the BEST!  The best way I can describe it is that it's not really "tape" that you can really feel the high-tack of the adhesive glue and it is NOT goin' anywhere.  I LOVE it!

I began my mini by using the Acid Free glue to cover my chipboard mini pages (Maya Road).
After the  glue was dry, I used a craft knife to trim away the excess paper, which in this case is the SUPER cute "Max and Mollie" line by Nikki Sivils!

I then took an old, duller nail file and distressed/smoothed the edges.  Later on I took a sponge and some ink and went around to give it some color and a more finished look.  

The pages are ALL glued down with my Helmar Quick-Fix Permanent Adhesive Runner.  
...and here's my "FAB FOUR"!

I used a Helmar Zap Dot (black, 1/2") here and there as well to pop up some suns I cut out of this cute, cute Nikki Sivils paper.

The middle page was just a little 'intermission' between my kids LOVED the skunks on this paper so I cut one out and I loved this quote because wow, am I grateful for these 4 amazing little people I get to raise...

Here are some more inside pages:

Last but not least, the cover...featuring a quote about motherhood that has always been my VERY favorite:

Well, that's it for me today but here again are the Helmar stars of my me, you NEED these!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your awesome comments and participation this week on ALL the designers' posts during our SUPER fun Blog Swap week with Nikki Sivils!  See you Tuesday with a fun card!

Jess :) 



Scrapacat said...

Ca-ute! I like how you worked boy colors into a pink album. When you've got the mojo, you've got to Move it Move it! A mini in 2 hours - great stuff!

Katrina said...

Jess, this is GREAT!!!! I love love love it!!!!!! You definitely rocked the Nikki paper!!!! hugs, Katrina

Kerry said...

Holy cow, this is totally awesome!!!! I love love love this!!!! Have a great holiday weekend!

Cindy Haffner said...

Jess I LOVE your FAB 4 what an AWESOME keepsake!!~

Cassie said...

Gosh your kids have grown Jess! This is super cute!
I was browsing on etsy tonight and saw the cutest little Alice in Wonderland book and thought of you so had to come over and say hello!

Hope all is well in your corner!
here's the link if you want to see the Alice book:

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Absolutely adorable. Love the little stinker with the skunk opposite page...too cute!


Leanne said...

Two hours and you made that?! Wow this is fabulous Jess!! So many fun details, it's absolutely gorgeous! ;)

v said...

Holy Wow! What an awesome mini!:) I love that you shared all the pages with us:) Nikki & Helmar are a great team!!!

~Vanessa W

michib said...

Awesome album Jess! Thanks for the inspiration and showing me that I don't have to do a full-size album, but that a mini one is terrific!

Julie said...

Love your project, Jess! Your kids are beautiful!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

This is BEAUTIFUL girlie! I am So not a scrapbooker (even little ones!). LOVE this!

Jessie/knightrone said...

Jess, this is PERFECT!!