Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You are AMAZING, and you are LOVED...

...don't you think every child deserves to hear those words at least once a day?   I do, so I made this bookmark for my eldest child who LOVES to read so that she is reminded every time she looks at it :)
Hey, guys!    Jess here and I'm excited to be showing you a quick and EASY project using Helmar products and some gorgeous "DEW DROPS" from The Robin's Nest!
My daughter was telling me she loved the bookmark I got her but wanted one to keep at school, also.  I wanted this one to be extra special so I started by cutting up some of my favorite patterned papers and cut the bookmark base 6.25"x2.25".  I cut some paper strips on a diagonal to add dimension and some contrasting color.
I then took Helmar GEMSTONE GLUE and added a thin line of glue across the diagonal lines that the paper formed.
Adding rows of Robin's Nest Dew Drops, I really started to have fun with it.  My daughter loves 'bling' and texture so I added a few rows and the great thing about GEMSTONE GLUE is that it HOLDS!!!  It also dries clear as you can see here:
Photo 3
I then took some Maya Road rose ribbon (another Helmar preferred partner!) and added it to the bookmark, finally stamping out the sentiment and adding some ribbon at the top (also Maya Road).
The best part about this project?  Seeing my daughter's face when it was done.  She absolutely squealed in excitement and that always makes me happy.  She is in 6th grade and tested at a 12th grade reading level this past year.  I am SO super proud of her and am thrilled that she loves to read so much.
Thanks for letting me share with you this project for my amazing girl....and be sure to check out my post on the HELMAR DT blog today, too!  Thanks and have a great Wednesday, everyone!
xoxo,Jess :)



Carisa said...

Wow!!! Amazing little reader you have there! So awesome. And I love the bookmark you made her. I think it's awesome she's going to keep it at school so whenever she pulls it out she'll think of the mama that loves her so so so much. :D

Leanne said...

Hiya Jess!
What a pretty project! I would never have thought to make a bookmark that dimensional, but you opened my eye to the possibility. I bet your daughter is going to be reading at a college level when she's in Middle school!! I love that she likes to read. It's so nice to hear especially in this day and age of the computer game and such. TFS! ;)

Peggy said...

I could just imagine the squeal!! If I had gotten something like this when I was her age I would've squealed too! Love all the dewdrop bling!

margie c said...

Stunning bookmark! I'm sure she is loving it so much! I just looove that you used dew drops! They're my fave!
Happy day to you :)

marilyn said...

LOVE this and yes, every child and every adult needs to hear this. It is not said enough.

Danni said...

This is so pretty!! FAbulous!

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohhh girl this is AMAZING!!~

Andrea said...

Wow- that is incredible! Tell her that I am so impressed too! And this bookmark is a beauty but I am sure that while you say this everyday your kiddos know this just by how you treat them. you are such a great mom. btw- my daughter wanted to perhaps do the penpal thing with your daughter. she just started gr. 7 and wants a penpal in another country lol.