Sunday, October 9, 2011

Head in the Clouds...feet on the ground....sorta?!

Hi, everyone!

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It's me, Jess, and I'm SO excited to be posting today for a little 
MIXED MEDIA Sunday here AND on the Unity Blog!

My love of art journaling came to be about 6 months ago and I haven't looked back since.
Not only is it a great outlet, but I feel like I'm living it as I create it, and that's something that I hope will be pretty special for my kids one day.

I LOVE the Itty Bitty "Silver Lining" and after I watercolored the background of my page, the clouds were the 1st thing I stamped.   I then did some "hodge podging around"  (ask my kids- they LOVE when they ask me "what are you doing now on the page, Mommy?" and I answer, "oh, just hodge-podging around..."  ;).   I used the musical note background from one of my favorite Ippity sets, "Music of the Heart", and finally the polka dot background from another Ippity set, "Love in Return".

I was happy with the little bit of chaos I created in the background and then moved on to my hand-drawn girl.  I was SO afraid to draw these until an assignment a while back had me 'having' to draw one and I was so excited when I realized I was able to do it!  I took an old dictionary page for her legs, arms, and face and the rest was crafted from some of the new Crate Paper "Random" collection and some crocheted trim.

Ok, so FUNNY story time.  I didn't find this out until after I posted over on the Unity, this page was created on the back of the last entry in my art journal.  I took it out, went to work, ONLY to realize that ummm, OOPS.  I did it UPSIDE DOWN.

That gives a WHOLE new meaning to the sentiment, especially the feet on the ground part, HA! 

As for the sentiment and my written words?  Well, that's just me: "head in the clouds...feet on the ground..."

....MOST of the time ;)

Thanks for coming by today- I am SO happy to be BACK!



mousekemom said...

The sentiment is also part of lyrics from Paramore's "Brick by Boring Brick". Love the figure and the texture all the stamps give the background!

Tracy said...

I too have just entered the world of art journaling ;)
I am in the He-Art journal challenge at greeting farms.
Not sure if I am in the "art journal" terms but, I am loving it so far.
Your page is so cool.

Mary Friederichsen said...

I love this journal page Jess, regardless if she is right side up or upside down!lol
Is this your youngest daughter? I thought of her when I saw the drawing! Of course I think she is your "mini-me"! She is always smiling! Although I think your kids are smiling most of the time anyway!!

Blessings and Hugs,
P.S I am glad that you are back too!!