Monday, January 9, 2012

My 365: 2012...

Hi, everyone!
I am SO excited about our May Arts/Helmar collaboration this week.  Whew!  So awesome! May Arts is one of my favorite ribbon companies and when I found out they were a preferred partner with Helmar I was pumped!
This week we are bringing you a TON of inspiration every day here on the Helmar DT Blog and I've got one that I'm really excited about.   As many of my  Facebook friends and blog followers know, I have been studying photography and recently began a "Project 365".  It's a huge commitment to take a photo EVERY DAY for a year.
Photo 1
Well, I've also been getting down on myself with my scrapbooking and lack of time for it lately but hey, we can't do EVERYTHING, right?  Or can we?   I decided that scrapbooking doesn't HAVE to be fancy and that Smash books were the perfect thing to document my 365 this year.   I started out with some gorgeous Orange Sheer Woven Rosettes and I knew that HAD to be my border :)   I glued down some Helmar 450 Quick Dry which is SO perfect especially for Sheer ribbon.  It dries clear and you'll never know it's there :)

Photo 2
Then I painted the outside of my book before it was time to glue down some of my favorite leaf satin cut outs from May Arts.  I have seen Tracy use these SO many times on some gorgeous canvasses and other projects and I was shrieking with delight when I saw these in my Design Team box.  Shrieking I tell ya!

Photo 4
I used Helmar 450 Quick Dry on the leaves as well and the Helmar nozzle makes it so easy to get some glue down even in a really thin space.  I love that!   

After I attached the stems, I cut out a few rosettes from the Orange and Red Sheer Woven Rosettes and used that for my smaller flowers.  I then took a gorgeous piece of purple ribbon from the Silky Crush line and began to roll/twist it into a ribbon rose:

I added a button and some felt clouds that my DD cut out for me and attached them with some ACID FREE Glue and here is the finished product:
I am so excited to have this book ready as I'm just about to print off my first week of 365 photos!  This is going to end up being sucha special keepsake memory for my family- I cannot WAIT!

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks so much to MAY ARTS for being so sure to check out more details today over on the HELMAR DESIGN TEAM blog...thanks!
Jess :)



1CardCreator said...

Wow, Jess, this is gorgeous and your 365 photography challenge sounds so exciting! I know you will do well with it.

Danni said...

Love what you did to the book! gorgeous!

mousekemom said...

I started a SMASH book too and got one for DD for Xmas from her brothers. I think it is a fab idea and love how you personalized it! I haven't posted mine yet, but yours just blows me away!