Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life's Little Rainbows wouldn't happen without the rain...

Gosh it's been crazy huh?  This weather has been nuts!

Well, I'm BACK and I missed y'all!   First and foremost, THANK YOU for all the sweet, wonderful comments you guys left on my blog last week while I was enjoying a fun and MUCH needed vacay with my family in the most magical place on earth!   We had an absolutely BLAST!  Always hard to come home, ya know?

Well, my email inbox and project list greeted me with a vengeance, my google reader max'd out at 1000 and I can't wait to visit your blogs this week, so thanks for hangin' with me while I was away!
Well, I know I am READY for summer-and more sunshine!  The Florida weather was GORGEOUS w/ the exception of one VERY rainy day at Epcot, but you know, it was actually a blessing and a curse because it was empty!   So we all looked FABULOUS in our $7 ponchos and off we went, skipping, puddle jumping (my poor new leather sandals took a hit, but hey, I only waited 5 minutes for my FAVORITE RIDE, "Soarin'" at Epcot!).  We were SOAKED!!!

But, after seeking temporary shelter inside "Innoventions" at Epcot, we ventured back out when we knew it wasn't going to let up...We even DANCED in the rain-which was so exhilarating! And kinda chilly!  LOL!  The kids thought we were nuts at first but soon looked at me with their eyes actually dancing and you could tell they were thinking "my Mom's pretty cool".  Is there ANY better feeling than that?!  Don't think so!  What a great week we had-lots to share!

For today, my card for Mercy's Tuesday sketch challenge is just a reminder of all the good things that can come when life's little storms are above our heads, and the invigorating feeling we get from being right there in the thick of it and soaking up both the rain AND sun that always follows at some point, right?

Here's the sketch this week, MTSC65:

My card uses the adorable Pure Innocence line from My Favorite Things that I just so happened to stamp up the last time I was with my girlies Mercy and Pammy.  Oh, how I miss them!   I thought the "hugs" sentiment was perfect and the new My Mind's Eye "Quite Contrary" line is gonna be a fave, for sure!

Be sure to check out the rest of the muses this week, including our FABULOUS March Guest Muse, Dawn Easton!

Well, I'll leave you with a few more pics of the FUN we had that same day at Epcot when the sun came out...although the rain definitely didn't get us down!

Ok, if that's not magical...NOTHING is!   Can't even TELL ya what little moments that put the biggest smile on their faces do to me!  Thanks for letting me share with you again and I hope you have a WONDERFUL and INSPIRED day!  I'll leave you with some of my favorite quotes pertaining to my little post today:

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.  ~Author Unknown

"Everyone needs a little RAIN.   If all we had was SUNSHINE, there'd be no PUDDLES to jump in"... (*you can BUY this quote at www.papermakeup.com)

"And when it rains, look up rather than down....Remember, without the rain, there would be no RAINBOWS..." ~Gilbert Chesterton

Here's to a FABULOUS time w/ my 4 little 'rainbows'...they're off for another week of Spring Break...yeah!

Jess ;)


Sparkplug17 said...

Such a darling card! I love Lilo and Stitch!

♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

Gorgeous family pics Jess, and what a perfect card especially after seeing the raincoat pics heheh. So glad you had a fabulous time and so glad to have u back.
GORGEOUS card! This image is just too cute!
Kristy xx

Anonymous said...

Love the card Jess, so cute.
Your Kid's are very lucky, cos they have a Super Cool Mom, there is no way they could forget the wonderful times you've had this week, such a truly precious gift to give them.
You Rock :)

Peggy said...

Your little "rainbows" are just as precious as they can be! Love the "magical" looks on their faces!
I kept thinking about that MFT stamp while I was tromping around in the rain on Thurs and Fri! Cute Cute card!

Dawn Easton said...

I'm so happy to hear you had a fabulous time at Disney...even in the rain! Skipping puddles and enjoying the most magical place on earth, just sounds right, doesn't it? Just be a kid again :) Great pictures!!

Your card is adorable! I love those PI girls too...hehe!

Unknown said...

Oh Jess....Looks like you all had a wonderful time...Even if it did rain!! Beautiful card...Gorgeous shots... What more could we ask for!! Xx

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a blast even in the rain, how cute!! Great card- love the paper pieced coat and umbrella.

♥Rach♥ said...

Super cute card, Jess! Love the pics too, I'm so envious, it looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! We'll get there someday ;0)

Julie said...

Oh you lucky lucky girl! Look at your adorable children! How precious!!! It looks like they had a BLAST! Love your card, and so appropriate too! :) Hugs, girl...glad you're back!!!

Robin McK said...

Jess, I really love those quotes! That card is PERFECT for the layout!

Welcome back!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I am so glad you had a great time!! Thanks for sharing the photos!! Your card is gorgeous using the sketch. So appropriate for this time of year!! Great quotes!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh Jess what great memories you all will have. So fun.

--Love your sweet card, FABULOUS!!

Missed you and happy to have you back.

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Such a sweet card!!Happy to see you back and that you had a wonderful time with your Family!!!

kadie said...

Welcome back, Sweet Friend!! Thanks for sharing all the pics with us...and that CARD is ADORABLE!! HUGS

Jodi C. said...

WOW!!! THANKS for sharing these beautiful pictures of your gorgeous family!!! You are one VERY lucky girl....but I know you already know that!!!! Such GORGEOUS kids!!!! Glad you had fun, I had a rainy day at Epcot the last time I was there too, your ponchos look so familiar.

Your card is STUNNING!!! I love that image , those papers are beautiful!!!
THANKS for sharing!!!

Danni said...

So happy that you had a great time! Missed you!!
Very cute card!

Jen Shults said...

Ah! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time! I love seeing all the pics from your trip and I'm so glad you are back!! Love your card for today... such a cute little stamp!

WickedPixie said...

Welcome back! Your card is SO adorable and I loved hearing about your Vacay - although I am a little jealous! I love playing in the rain when it is warm, too, and a pretty empty theme park sounds like heaven! :-)Traci

Sheri Gilson said...

Adorable card, Jess!! Love the fun pics...looks like a FABULOUS time!!

Denise Marzec said...

Hey girl! Welcome back from Disney! Thanks for sharing all those great pics!! Looks like you had so much fun. I hope to get back there again sometime in the next couple years. Love that place.

AWESOME card! I just love that PI girl with the umbrella, and your colors and buttons are just perfect with her. Totally SWEET card!

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Oh, Jess, I love your pictures. They've got me so excited. We are taking our very first Disney vacay this year with our girls! (I've never been there either...I'll be the one who is too excited to sleep...hehehe.) I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family, that you had a time of magic and memories to share together.


KriskropMemories said...

Even rain can't put a damper on the most magical place. Love the pics!!

Lissa said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Unknown said...

look at all of those sweet babies having a ball! i know ava about died when she saw snow white! LOL! another amazing sample from my sweet yankee friend...great job!

Randi said...

I'm so glad you all had an amazing time!! Look at those incredible memories!!

I am so glad you are back with us! I missed you girlie!!

Angela said...

Jess, what wonderful pic's you took!!! The kids look so happy as well as Mommy!! IT's funny how your card really goes with your rainy day pics!!
I love the paper piecing you did!! Just beautiful!!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwsome Jess..... I'm trying to get caught up myself, and I see you have posted that you are home!!! What very very fab pics, it really looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Yes mom is nuts dancing in the run, but it's sure to leave a lasting memory of some fun times. Don't you love it when you can do that?
I've missed you, so glad you're back!
Great Big Hugs

Elena said...

I am so happy that you had a wonderful time with your family, Jessica! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! And look at your card! How sweet it is! :)

Tasha said...

Aw how cute is your card! Love it!

Just showed Millie the pic of your little one with snow white - she cried! SOmeone wants to go there! lol

love tasha xx