Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two "Best Creations" for my two BEST BOYS...

Hey everyone!

I'm totally excited and honored to be wrapping up our SUPER inspiring blog-swap week with our friends, Best Creations!   I'm also being featured on the HELMAR DESIGN TEAM blog today, so please head over and say hi!  Dont' forget to check out the final giveaway deets , too!

 I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I've been FLOORED by the creativity and amazing projects that our friends at Best Creations plus our very own Helmar Design Team have been showcasing this past week.   WOW!
I have to admit that when I was going through my Helmar Design Team box, my twin 9 year old boys zeroed in on the Best Creations paper IMMEDIATELY-especially the ROBOT papers!   I saw the glitter...and I probably gasped audibly.  I LOVE the look of glitter, but I'issues" with how quickly it goes viral aka ALL over the place LOL!  Much to my THRILL, Best Creations paper has a lovely coating on it and ALL the glitter stays PUT!  BONUS!

Well, I'll dive right in with a few photos :)   With school being out, I wanted to reward my sweet boys for a job well done this year, and also give them something to occupy them a bit.  My Jacky loves to draw, stamp, and sketch, while Nicky really enjoys writing.  I took some scrap cardboard and cut up notebook paper for Nick's book and plain white cardstock for Jack's.

Using Helmar Acid Free Glue and a sponge brush, I coated the cardboard and used some of the adorable robot paper to create my outside covers for their little doodle books.
LOVE this glue-it doesn't go on SUPER sticky and if you need a little 'give' you have a few seconds to pull it up and put it back down, but after that, it stays PUT!  One thin layer is all I needed to tack down even this heavy cardstock.
Once the glue dried, I added some zipper trim (Maya Road) and some chipboard letters to spell out their name. Although the ribbon is thick and heavy because of the metal zipper, HELMAR 450 Quick Dry did the job beautifully and I LOVE that it won't buckle or bleed through ribbon- it is the BEST adhesive!
I love that the Best Creation paper had these cute little image boxes that you can cut out and make the focal point of their books, or even on a card like I did for my boys today too :)
I used Black 1/2" circle ZAP DOTS to pop up the main panel on the books and it gives it just the right amount of dimension :)
After punching holes at the top and inserting the inside pages, I fastened both sides with some jump rings and voila!  The boys were SO excited to wake up to these the other day:
In addition, I made them each a card to congratulate them on making the HONOR ROLL, and Jack got the perfect attendance award for the 4th quarter of school.  Nicky received the "most Helpful award" and highest average in his class in Spelling, while Jack receive the "class librarian" award and also got the highest average in Science in his class.  I am BEAMING with pride for them!
The Helmar Tape Runner is seriously the BEST tape runner I have ever used and trust me, I've used a LOT!  It is SUPER high-tack which I love- once you adhere it, it's not going anywhere!  Being primarily a cardmaker, I tend to use LOTS of thick layers, sewing, etc. so I really need something to stay put and this tape runner delivers-LOVE it! DSC01212
I'll leave you with a few close ups of the card/book combos for each boy.  Here's Jack's:
...and here's Nick's:
Thanks SO much for letting me come and hang with you guys again today.  I LOVE Helmar and really enjoyed this week of amazing inspiration with Best Creation! Thanks for visiting!


Allison said...

These are so fun! My kids would love these...that paper is so cool!

Angela said...

Hi Jess, these are so adorable. I love making things for my kids. They love getting them too. They are always wanting me to make them something, so I have to keep trying to think of new things to create for them.
Hope your husband is having a wonderful Father's Day. Oh and I miss our TGF Scrapbooking days too.

1LuvnMama said...

Your boys are lucky to have a mom like you! You're so awesome to have created something special for them to treasure! :)

Tasha said...

Oh my Jess these are fantastic, loving the use of zippers...thats so have two lucky boys :)
love tasha xx

Jessie/knightrone said...

You are so fantastic!!