Friday, December 30, 2011

Note to self...Part 2.... ;)

Hi, everyone :)

I'm back today with "part 2" of the post I started HERE.

{{{if you're looking for my Lucky Bunnies preview, please scroll down, thanks!}}}

Today marks week 23 and the last week of our "heART Journaling" project at The Greeting Farm.  I am SO grateful for this project.  I will admit,  there were a few weeks when I was seriously wondering how I was going to get a page done...squeak out some form of 'art' because I was tired, pressed for time, sick, busy...whatever... but I am SO glad I finished it.   

I now not only have my first completed art journal (you can see the beginnings of it HERE), I also have been inspired to keep going because I realized that art is only how I see it....and I'm making memories for a lifetime...for myself and most of all, to pass down to my kids.

Here is my 23rd entry and first completed journal, with this week's "Letter to Me" project (cue Brad Paisley ;)

You'll see that the 1st page is what I showed you on Thursday during Unity's Hip Hop...the rest is actually taken from a "brave girls club" email that really resonated with me, especially because of some awesome personal things that have happened during this time period while I was working on my first art journal.

I know that art journaling is very personal, so I applaud anyone who has been sharing.  It really is bearing your soul on a whole different level...and even if you haven't posted publicly, if you're art journaling at ALL...congrats.  Cuz it's really kind of a beautiful thing, isn't it?


Shelby Goolsby said...

What a beautiful page and so inspiring!!

mousekemom said...

It's so true, what Brad says...there are so many things I would go back and tell myself. Awesome page, Jess, and love the cute!